Backup Software
Date: 29/9/2008
I'm looking for some backup software, something reliable that I can schedule to run once a day. But then I thought of some others that'd be nice.
  • Keep older versions of files, but at least one latest version.
  • Offsite FTP support with encryption (gpg would be best)
  • Would be nice: Portable (Local settings + Mac / Win)
  • Lightweight.
  • Free?
Anyone know of something like that?
29/09/2008 3:04pm
I've rolled my own backup solution with DAR, GPG, and a perl script, but a quick search of the Wikipedia List of backup software shows that Areca could be what you want. It's apparently GPLed, Java, portable, and supports FTPs and AES.
30/09/2008 2:37am
I use jungledisk. I don't think it supports ftp, but it instead uses amazon s3 and all your files are encrypted. mac/linux/win
14/10/2008 7:53am
SyncBack. switch to advanced GUI, and your jaw hits the floor. it's amazing that such advanced software is free. enjoy.
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