Lgi Release
Date: 12/9/2008
Someone once said that i.Hex didn't work on Cygwin/MingW, and I had a look at it, and sure enough it didn't. So anyway I fixed that and uploaded same current Lgi and i.Hex source, with makefiles that actually produce working binaries if you can find the various libs that Lgi relies on (iconv, libjpeg, libpng, zlib) and adjust your local paths accordingly. (Btw unzip both files into the same folder for best results)

I can't find that original post, so heres you're reply :)

Also included in the Lgi release is working project files for Visual C++ 2005/2008, if you're into that. Most of the API's are really stable at the moment. But I'm thinking of really messing with the GDom class to convert it to integer based naming instead of passing strings around. That would cause chaos in all the different apps because GDom is used everywhere now. The latest release has a few cool bits of new software in it, first the new bytecode compiler and VM, and also the updates to the IMAP protocol code thats being used in Scribe v2. Also the mac port inches along, so if you were thinking of building something on both windows and mac this release would actually work for you.

Full doxygen api docs are in ./docs/html so have a look at that if you want. I've been meaning to do some basic examples of Lgi application for a long time. But no one seems interested. If you are interesting in some samples let me know and I'll work some up.

Oh... and this is my 500th blog post. Go me. (Just because the ID is "511" doesn't mean anything... I deleted some apparently)
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