Electric Vehicle Technology
Date: 3/7/2008
Just thought I'd mention some technology developed in Australia that could put a serious dent in the argument that electric cars, motorbikes and bicycles aren't good enough yet.

Redox Gel Batteries

Farnow Pty Ltd, see this PDF for some more info, but it's basically a higher density gel battery that can be made cheaply, has a fast recharge time and can deep cycle.

Gemini Electric Motor

Gemini motors are using both ends of the magnets for better power output and efficiency.

Put both of these technologies together and you might get a vehicle that can compete with the gas guzzlers.

Except the technology is protected by the patent system. Which means that we won't see anything happen for another 15 years when the patents run out. In the meantime the human race is running headlong into extinction. All because a few companies need to make a buck. Or not.

Patents are overwhelmingly evil, there is no good side to them. Just stifled innovation to the detriment of human kind.

Previously. Previously.
03/07/2008 11:16am
I have to disagree about your take on patents. An amazing amount of information is freely available in patents that would be hard (and expensive) to find elsewhere. A patent only lasts for a maximum of 20 years and it is still possible to pick up new ideas from the older literature. Often there are inventions that couldn't be fully realised at the time of the original filing, but new materials have now made viable.
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