Scripting Engine v2
Date: 4/6/2008
Basically in the background over the last few months I've been working on a complete rewrite of the Scribe/i.Mage/i.Hex scripting engine to a bytecode/VM model. Currently the engine is going into i.Mage first as a non-default option (i.e. it'll use the v1 engine by default) until I shake out all the bugs.

The main reason for doing it is a lot more speed. The initial version 1 engine was a dumb interpreter and hideously slow. I'm not sure how much faster it'll be until I get a few more things working but I'm expecting a 10x at least increase in speed. The 2 engines run the same code in the same environment, but the error checking is a lot better in the new engine. At the moment it's a switch branching design (i.e. dumbest) but it'll do for the moment. I can refine the internals later if need be.

This will be shipping in the next release of i.Mage, and most likely be the default and only engine in Scribe v2.
05/06/2008 4:50am
The bc/vm engine is passing some of the harder scripts, it managed to run one of the production i.Mage Scripts that I use for a real website today. So it's getting close to beta, real close.
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