Mac D'n'd
Date: 29/5/2008
This morning I did some work on the drag and drop support for Mac Lgi applications. Basically I'm playing with SetDragImageWithCGImage to add an image next to the cursor that displays the current drag verb as you move the mouse across the screen. Currently this is static, but it should be possible to have this update as the cursor moves across different windows that may or may not accept the type of data you are dragging. This is not quite as defined as on windows, but with a little extra code I think it could be better than the windows implementation.

At the moment I think the default behaviour will be to write the word "Copy" next to the cursor if the d'n'd action will be to copy. And "Move" if it will move the data etc. Eventually I will add a hook back into the application so that apps can provide custom images for d'n'd operations. This might even be portable back to Windows and Linux, I don't know yet. But if I implement it on Mac first I'll have something to play with back on Windows.

I've always found it annoying when the default icon or picture doesn't give you feedback on whether you're copying or moving the data with d'n'd. I know on windows there are different icons and sometimes Mac gives you a "+" sign, but still... I don't want to have to remember what "+" means!
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