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Date: 10/9/2007
I write all sorts of software that I just use myself with no intention of releasing. This latest one is because I hate WinAmp:

It just reads a whole folder tree of music and displays it, reading the tags on the fly in a thread and lets you play back the music, mp3 and ogg mostly. Ultra lightweight of course. Probably too lightweight. Oh well.

Some of the other ones are:
  • Car search app: aggregates search results from various car for sale sites with more advanced filtering, sorting than the source sites... with thumbnails. Don't need it much now that I've bought a car.
  • Videnc: video pipeline manager for HDTV -> avi via a number of other apps. It's manages to avoid a/v desync by using a very error tolerate demuxer app, which it scripts even though it's GUI only. All other tools I've tried including everything on the Mac and PC are hopeless on HDTV streams because of the number of stream errors present.
  • Html2Xmltv: My private stock EPG app. Schedule and go.
  • i.Archive: front end for some stupid little archiving tools, e.g. "rar".
  • HttpLoggingProxy: a visual proxy, lets you inspect every HTTP request and response with some decoding tools. Pretty freakin neat. I don't know of any free ones so I wrote my own... cut down version of Charles.
  • TranscodeDrop: little pad to drop audio and playlists onto to convert them via BeSweet.
  • VideoSaver: My video screensaver. Lil DirectShow screensaver that plays random parts of video's from a folder. This gets lots of comments when people see it :)
21/09/2007 6:17am
About HTML logging.
This (rather famous) tool can produce some log, but most importantly it modifies HTML the way you want (usually disables potentially harmful stuff)
13/10/2007 2:16pm
Please make them available for download! I like your apps since the are very easy on system resources! Thanks
11/12/2007 2:45pm
That picture of the so called MemeCode Media player looks really easy to use and has a minimalistic design.

Can you please send it to my e-mail, I have always wanted a media player that plays songs in one click, and a media player that others non techie users can understand. And best of all is lightweight and takes 0.1 seconds to launch :P

If you ever add a feature that searches your music folders when it starts up and a little searchbox in the upper right corner that searches as you type or when you hit enter.

If you add those features that would be great. MemeCode Media Player could be the first media player that is not bloated or buggy.
05/01/2008 12:17am
try foobar2000 ... quick but expandable and the latest version does exactly what olav wants to do.
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