Scribe/Win32 Focus Issue + Mac Port
Date: 8/3/2007
I think I've found the cause of the weird focus issue in the windows build of Scribe and I'm just testing a release build now. If things are good I'll be making a release Real Soon Now(TM).

Also on the Mac front I was doing a whole heap of unnecessary text layouts every second which contributed to the app bogging down. However when I removed them I found that all my windows would paint everytime I update a tiny part of the screen. This completely kills the responsiveness of the application and needs fixing ASAP. Apparently this is normal when your controls are set to "non opaque" which is the default. So I set the "opaque" flag and updates stopped working at all. I'm currently stuck on that at the moment.

You might think that optimizing at this point is a bit premature, but on the contrary all the time I'm waiting for the app to do something is slowing down my code, compile, test cycle which slows down my work. I found that I got more done when I got rid of the startup delay in the folder load code. It doesn't have to be Teh Snappy but it can't be sooooo sloooow I'm falling asleep either. It saps your will to live when your stuck with a slow app.
08/03/2007 3:54pm
I thought you were talking about me there for a second and I was really thrown off. :-)
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