Date: 4/3/2007
This morning I had a look at the folder loading code from an optimization point of view. It seems that running the event loop outside the normal place is extremely slow on Carbon (i.e. LgiYield() ) so I removed that from the load folder code and it went from 7sec to 0.7sec. Which means that Scribe starts in about the same amount of time as the win32 build, but it doesn't update the screen as it loads, so it looks like it's not doing anything for a second and then everything appears at once. I can live with that.

I also implemented support for the mouse wheel. Basically I just had to capture the event and call the appropriate event handler in Lgi. All sorted.

Scrolling around in folders is still pretty slow. I suspect that I'm creating destroying lots of ATSUI text objects. So I'll have a go at caching more of those. I'm a bit worried that it's the drawing of ATSUI text that's slow. But we'll see.
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