Porting Update
Date: 4/3/2007
The HTML layout is fixed. I needed to apply the origin co-ordinates when displaying text. Also while I was there I fixed the colours. In several places I was using 24bit colour when I should have been using 32bit colour. On little endian machines that works anyway, but on PPC machines it breaks. So I had to do the conversions in a few more places.

In the text control I found that lines of text were being clipped so I spent some time looking at that. It seems the text metrics API is a bit busted. Well none of the API functions actually tell you how big a bit of text will appear on the screen. So at the moment I've erred on the side of more whitespace rather than clipped text. I'll probably leave that for later.

Things are running, but everything is pretty slow. I'll need to do a lot of optimisation to get anywhere near the speed of the Win32 version.

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