Scribe Stable Candidate
Date: 17/12/2006
Ok, well it's almost the end of 2006, and that means a new stable release of Scribe. I've been working hard on squashing bugs the last few weeks and I think I'm getting close. The next release "Test11" will incorperate the last of the bug fixes I think are important for a stable release. We'll see how it fairs in the wild and if it's good then it'll be the first stable release. I do generally release maintainence releases throughout the year when I back port fixes from the developement branch (HEAD). For instance the current v1.88 stable build is actual "m5", or 5 releases after the original stable release.

The only thing I havn't actually fixed for Test11 is the main window behaviour between sessions. When it starts minimized to the tray the window still appears in the program bar.

If you have any other issues that are important and aren't already mentioned in the version history for Test11 then let me know.
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