Html Editor
Date: 16/3/2006
Work continues slowly on the HTML editor built on top of the HTML viewer control that ships with Scribe. It now has a toolbar:

Recent changes are:
  • Added backspace/delete handler.
  • Delete with simple selection now works.
  • Fixed blocks of text overlapping by 1px.
  • Fixed drawing of selections.
  • Added deselecting with the cursor keys.
  • Added painting of the cursor while selection active.
  • Added a non-functional (but pretty) toolbar. Functions will follow.
  • Fixed cursor taking time to catch up with editing.

Sure it's no InnovaStudio but I own all the code and it's cross platform and small. So there.
16/03/2006 7:33am
Very nice app, looking promising.

I have just a small remark, how will you handle paragraph and line break? will you use "p" tag or use "br" tag when you press enter (once, twice...)? If you use "br", how could we specify a "p" paragraph in html ?

I ask you that because I was facing this problem with our webcontent management at work and you often have good ideas ;-)


16/03/2006 8:30am
I'm using <br/> when you hit enter because the meaning is always clear. Where as with p tags your never quite sure. I still have tests that don't render p tags correctly in my HTML layout. So it was an obvious choice just to ignore them. Plus they will always render correctly in other browsers/email clients.

One <br/> per hit on the return key.
16/03/2006 8:54am
Fair enough

18/03/2006 9:35am
That's great. Could you please include the <dir> element in the editor so that users of RTL (right to left) languages like Arabic and Farsi have no problem?
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