Windows Is Fun
Date: 9/3/2006
Yesterday my PC started the same old trick of ignoring the pre-set video resolution/refresh that I had asked for and set it to some seemingly random res... well seemingly random until I worked out what machine uses that res. My Res util reported that windows was running in 1440x900x32bit @ 75hz. Which is of course what this machine runs at... not the 1280x1024x32bit @ 75hz that MY machine SHOULD be running at (what IS that, operating system envy?). Like I can understand XP choosing a refresh mode out of thin air, but changing to frigging resolution on me? Damn thats low. Of course the LCD just thumbed it's nose at the whole thing and I had to hard power cycle XP to get something running again.

Update: I'm having some luck with a util called Reforce to force refresh rates to what I want regardless of whether the monitor is plugged in or not. *fingers crossed*
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