Date: 2/3/2006
  • If your using WebScheduler to record digital TV (like me) and all your shows are shifted out of position by the number of hours in your timezone then you need to kiss WebScheduler goodbye and get a real scheduling record service. RIP Java, we hate you.
  • I saw Karnivool last night at the Mona Vale pub and man, they kick butt! Very tight live set, sounded very close to the album a lot of the time. I didn't get to see the band much from the back but hey I can still hear things ;) Not surprisingly they were using a Mesa Dual (Triple?) Rectifier and a 5150 guitar amps. Niiice amps. Oh and PRS guitars. A setup I could definitely see in my future.
  • Speaking of amps, my Peavey Classic 100 didn't fire up on Wednesday, so I had to get that attended to quick. Seems on of the internal power fuses was not seated correctly from the factory, causing undue sparking which eventually killed one of the power tubes. Way to go Peavey! It's fixed now, all good for the weekend.
  • The reason I tried the amp on Wednesday is because I was waiting around for the tech to come and replace the cable modem. They say "sometime between 8am and 12". Nice. So waiting, waiting... 11:59 the van shows up. Arrrgh. Thats so annoying!
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