Editor Work
Date: 21/2/2006
Amongst all the other things I'm doing, I had some time to play around with creating a rich edit component for Scribe. I am building it on top of the HTML control that Scribe already uses via sub-classing and adding editing functionality. So far it's going better than expected and I want to share a little video [860KB] of one of the tests. The test case is just holding the delete key down to gradually delete the whole document. What makes it cool is that you can see the live HTML changing on the fly in the right pane.

This in no way means there will be a functional HTML editor in the next release of Scribe, but I might release this as a plugin at some point for early adopters to try.

I'm not sure why I didn't try this before, my last attempt at rich editing was embedding IE and using a online javascript editor. But IE behaves differently as an embedded ActiveX control than when it runs as a web browser. And Mozilla doesn't even implement 97% of the API needed to embed fully. So that died a premature death, although the code is still in subversion.

I'm sure if this HTML/Edit hybrid ever sees the light of day it'll be pretty flakey for the first 'n' months/years/decades. Unless someone steps up to the plate to help with the coding. Takers?
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