Got Anti-Virus?
Date: 1/4/2005
Man, what a long 3 days it's been. So Scribe is keeping the world safe from viruses, but I need some anti-virus that'll run on my body. On tuesday about 3am I woke up feel oh so not good. A lay there for 15 minutes groggily wondering "huh?" then the chucking started... and didn't stop for 17 hours or so. Aggh. Not fun. In the mean time both adults in the house are sick and there was no one available to look after the children, so we had to do it. I think the defining moment was about 11am I was crawling down the hall as fast as I could go and I was overtaken by my smiling little 10 month old son, also crawling.

But more to the point, now that I'm feeling better I'll update you all on the progress of "The Software(tm)". Firstly Scribe is almost ready for another test release, and this time it's got a swath of fixes for obsure crash bugs. Especially to do with displaying text. These fixes are already in the release of LgiRes. Also the Outlook import/export functionality got some charset fixes. It won't be perfect but it will suck a whole lot less.

Also while I'm talking updates Lgi is due for a release as well. I've got a whole bunch of cool stuff and bugs fixes incorperated so I really should finalise that and upload it. I'll also be putting the documentation online as well this time for google to index. I realize that API documentation is usually much better with a good search engine indexing it, and what better engine than google? Even if it's only me using it ;)
01/04/2005 7:53pm
I wish you good health! And by the way, if your son is better in crawling than you, is he also better in coding than you? ;-)
03/04/2005 1:22pm
Bardo: Well he's certainly really good at hitting the "power" button all right. Even if it's the only one he can reach. Thank you NTFS.
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