Date: 20/1/2004
Firstly a lot of people are having trouble with HTML mail in Scribe. Basically it just crashes when you open the mail if it's HTML. I want some help getting this sorted for the next release. If this is happening to you then you might want to:
  • Remove any plugins that your using, see if it fixes the problem.
  • Try setting the "default alternative" in the appearence options to "text/plain" and see if it works.
  • Send me the offending email by exporting it to a file (drag it to the desktop). First check that if you import the email (drag it onto a folder in Scribe) that it still crashes. Then attach it to the bug report email. It may be a HTML control bug caused by specific HTML. I went through all the HTML mail I had and didn't get it to crash.
  • Download the symbols build and try and get a crash trace for me. You may find the section on crashes in the trouble shooting guide helpful. If the debug build won't load then grab these DLL's and put them in the same directory (or System[32]).
Anyway, anything you do find out let me know ASAP.

I know about some issues with accounts hanging midstream as well. This is possibly already fixed. We'll have to see in the next release.

Secondly I've been working away on the BeOS(Zeta) port of Lgi, bringing it back up to working condition. Most of it compiles and links but no yet. I'll start by using the cross platform controls instead of the native ones. This will mean it'll be up and running faster. I can always go back and write native wrappers if I have time/inclination. I'm busting to get LgiIde running on BeOS, because the native IDE plain sucks. I like my key bindings and I like my work flow. Don't force me to do it differently.

I've been using the new button skin for the last few days and it seems to be no slower than before. So I'm pretty sure it's not hitting the CPU too hard to render the more complex graphics. Still trying to think of a good way to make it optional for Lgi apps. I've implemented disabled state, focus rect, pressed and default button versions of the button skin and they all look great. The only problem is that all the other widgets now look plain and ugly next to the shiny new buttons :(
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