Lgi Intergrated Development Environment


LgiIde is an IDE for Lgi mainly written as a light weight version of M$ Visual C++ for running on non-Windows platforms. However given the portable nature of Lgi that the IDE is written in, it runs quite well on Windows as well. The IDE doesn't include a build system, however it uses the native build system for the platform. On a unix system it calls make to build the project, displaying output in the pane provided. Alongside output from the target when run and the find in files output. The main window has a workspace with multiple projects displaying source files in a tree view. The remainder of space is allocated to a MDI display of the open source files.

Options exist on a per project basis to set the editor parameters, tab/indent size, hard/soft tabs, display whitespace and file/function comment templates. Each edit window has a tray displaying the cursor's line/col and a menu of functions in the current file for quick navigation. The projects are saved in XML so that they can be manipulated by other utilies or even generated. M$ dsp files can be imported easily.

If you include resources like graphics files or lr8 (Lgi Dialogs, Menus and Strings) files, the IDE will launch an external editor to edit the file.

It's still pretty rough around the edges but it's usable. I think the most difficult to fix problem is the speed of the editor for large source code files. But it's not a problem until you have 100k or more of source in the one file.

The source is bundled with the Lgi release. Just cd into the ./LgiIde sub directory and "make" or build the dsp.


1.1 [Stable]

  • Stopped storing the whole source code in the find symbol database. For large projects that got real taxing on memory usage (e.g. 1.7GiB->300MiB).
  • Added support for .libs in the dumpbin wrapper. Shows all the exported symbols.
1.0 [Stable]
Download: Zip [Windows, 2793K, 12/11/2018]
0.1 [Alpha]