MC4 Midi Controller
Foot controller for the second and third gen Fractal Axefx
The MC4 is my forth generation of MIDI foot controller for the Fractal Axefx products. It's based around the Raspberry Pi 3 single board computer connected to a custom PCB to expand the IO functionality. On board is a custom C++ application that displays status information on the touch screen, manages the MIDI to and from the Axefx device and interacts with the user's input. There is also a desktop version of the software that can mimic all the hardware on screen.

  • Touch screen display.
  • 14 configurable buttons, along with RGB LEDs.
  • 2 infinite rotation knobs with RGB LED ring value display:
    These are not encoders but potentiometers with better resolution and feel.
  • 7 pin MIDI connection.
  • 2 expression pedal inputs.
  • Support for Axefx Tuner and Tempo messages.
  • Displays the patch name and number, with the right display offset.
  • Buttons can be configured to:
    • Turn blocks on/off.
    • Change scene.
    • Change preset.
    • Change bank up or down.
    • Mode switch to a bank selection page.
    • Toggle the tuner.
    • Tap tempo.
    • Change the parameters the knob inputs map to.
    • Have a custom colour for the LED.
  • Built on the cross platform C++ library LGI using the SDL port on Linux.
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