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Author/Date Trash button works inconsistently in Test9
28/02/2003 1:02pm
I've noticed in the last few test builds that the Delete/Trash button works inconsistently when used while reading an email. Sometimes it deletes the email and pulls up the next unread, and sometimes it just pulls up the next unread (or closes it if there is no next unread). The delete button in the app itself works properly, though, on emails within the main list window.
28/02/2003 6:12pm
I noticed this yesterday as well. I'll look into it.
03/03/2003 2:15am
I've just installed test 10, both i. and InScribe. On my machine both the delete key on the keyboard and the delete button in the program still work in the same way as test 9.
Plus that the fontsize of the text with the buttons has suddenly shrunken.
Has this something to do with Win98?
03/03/2003 4:10am
Ok, well I'll go back to square one on the delete key.

The font for the toolbar was always intended to be that size, what happens on '98 is that the default font is NOT true type and can't be made any smaller than 8 point. Now Scribe looks the same on '98 as it does on 2K/XP.

Is it too small?

You can customize it through the font.small setting in an lgi.conf file.