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Author/Date Opening .eml files from disk
Mark Wolk
13/10/2011 6:33pm
I have about 15,000 of these archived emails, dating back to 1999! Some were created with Outlook Express, some others with Thunderbird, a couple with InScribe. When I open (double-click) such a file with InScribe, sent to me by someone else, the "From" email address is my default profile, and the Reply button is grayed out.

Seemingly there is no other way to reply to these archived messages than manually type the sender's address.

Or am I missing something?
15/10/2011 9:19am
Yeah I see what you mean. Thats kinda broken. I have never used .eml like that so it never occurred to me to test that. I'll see if I can do something about that for the next release.
16/10/2011 8:19am
There is a fix done for the next release. Basically I've changed the flags so that .eml files are like email you receive, rather than email you create.
Mark Wolk
19/10/2011 6:39pm
I'm not sure if the fix includes this, but I also noticed that as soon as I open a saved .eml from one of my Windows folders, that file instantly appears in the Outbox - whether it had been sent by me or to me. So, with my Outbox empty, after opening 20 old files, and closing them, I have a full Outbox.