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Author/Date v2.32 Win7 crash on compact
07/07/2011 11:47pm
When I try to compact the mail store, I get a dialogue: Application Crash, and a number of lines of code. (I click OK and InScribe closes).
I would copy the code in here, but can't select it or right click to save or whatever.
Any advice on what to do?
Thanks and take care.
21/07/2011 3:09pm
I found this issue only happens in the build compiled with Visual C++ 6. When I build with VS2005 it doesn't happen, so it sounds like a compiler bug. I couldn't find any good reason for the crash, I was doing a valid thing with a dynamic_cast and it just blows up for no reason.

So future builds will be built with the vs2005 compiler which doesn't have that particular bug. I was working on the new installer script for the vs2005 version this morning.
26/07/2011 11:50pm
Thanks for the info. It's not a big problem for me, since my mail stores aren't huge, but good to know there's a fix in the works.