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Author/Date Inscribe crashing
17/06/2011 3:40am
Hi, after inscribe downloaded an email, an error message keeps coming up, causing the application to close. So I can't access the inbox and delete the email (it might not be the problem though, but it did work fine before). This also means I can't access anything on inscribe. I would be grateful for any ideas to solve the problem. Thank you.
17/06/2011 5:15am
Finally managed to delete the emails (there were two of them, both sent from ebay, which crashed inscribe, as they were automatically selected when opening the programm, as top of the list in inbox. I have sent a couple of more, so these new ones were on top and then selected 5 of the top - avoiding to click on the ones causing the problem - and delete). Everything looks ok now. Still do not know what caused the problem.
17/06/2011 7:53am
Which version are you using?
17/06/2011 3:38pm
v1.90 test 6 release
17/06/2011 3:51pm
I'd make a copy of your install, installed the latest v2.00 over that copy and see how that goes. The HTML support is a lot better in the more recent releases.

If it doesn't work out you can go back to the v1.90 install. Let me know if the new build doesn't work though.