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Author/Date What about bug in contacts?
29/01/2003 11:30am
Hi fRET,
what about bug in contacts? It is still impossible to add contact with email. Am I the only user who use contacts? When I click "click to add" and fill in email, there is nothing after adding it.
29/01/2003 5:57pm
I've tryed to reproduce this over and over, but it just keeps working for me.

No matter what closes the edit box over the email I get the results saved into the list entry.

Maybe it's a problem specific to the OS version your running?
29/01/2003 7:44pm
I have exactly the same problem as Svatas. I can add an e-mail address to the contacts list only if I right-click the sender's address on a received mail and then click "add to contacts" on the menu. If I try to enter an address "manually" by typing the address myself in the "click to add" space, the address column in the contacts list remains blank.

Operating system here is Windows ME.

29/01/2003 7:54pm
I'll try this in Win98 which I have installed at home. It may be a Win9x thing... cause it works fine in 2K/XP.
30/01/2003 12:07pm
Works for me on Win2k.
31/01/2003 1:59am
Hi fRET,

after some testing :

at Work with W2K EN and SP3 - it works
at Home with W98 SE CZ - doesn't work

You were right about OS specific bug. Maybe something connected to comctrl.dll?

Svatopluk Vit
Prague, Czech republic
31/01/2003 2:19am
Nope, cause I don't use that DLL (much?).

But it should be an easy fix now that I know how to reproduce it easily. I'll look at it over the weekend.
27/02/2003 12:40pm
Back when I had the problem of adding contacts,
I discovered that I had to:

press enter

(the new contact is added in reverse highlight
the prompt moves down a line)


click OK
27/02/2003 6:27pm

That was a early test of v1.86, now it should work no matter how you exit the popup edit window. I changed it about test3 or something to save it's contents unless the user presses ESC.

Some of the later test's had a different bug where nothing was saved at all. This is a unrelated problem in the code and should be fixed in Test9.