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Author/Date Memory leak? 1.85 Latest.
28/01/2003 4:08pm
I'm using v1.85 latest test, I was using a test from around 18th December 02 before and that was fine. I know it's classed as unstable.

This version is good until I minimize to the systray (Win XP)... Then Scribe goes into overdrive and consumes memory as fast as it can! I didn't notice to start with and wondered why my system was running so slow, I checked Task Manager and it was using 300mb of memory and going up every second! Windows eventually went ape and started to increase my swap file size just to accommodate... The whole system crashed soon after that :(

As I say, it's fine until I minimize.
28/01/2003 7:58pm
There is a possible fix in the Take 2 release. If you have problems with that as well let me know.
01/02/2003 11:48am
Yep got Take-3 now ! works great :D

Thanks again