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Author/Date Importing Eudora emails?
19/01/2003 3:25pm
Is there anyway to import emails from Eudora into IScribe?

19/01/2003 3:32pm
Ok so I found the import from mailbox, but it only imports plain text I think. Is there anyway to import HTML emails as well (i.e. all emails)?

Thanks again
19/01/2003 5:18pm
There are 2 primary ways to get mail into Scribe.

a) MBOX file, a whole folder of mail at once.
b) .EML file, a single email.

Both of which are available via the drag'n'drop mechanism, just drop the file onto the folder you want to import to.

HTML email should come through fine, if it isn't showing up then check your appearence settings to make sure your default alternative is "text/html".
19/01/2003 5:22pm
My default alternative is set to html. I'll try the drag n drop.

19/01/2003 5:32pm
HTML mail import has always worked for me.

Have you checked that the imported files actually have the HTML in them? Maybe the source is striping it out?
19/01/2003 7:12pm
I don't know. I need time to check that. They're actually Eudora emails but the inbox folder was trashed when Eudora crashed and I can't get it to load successfully. (That's why I'm switching email programs).
19/01/2003 7:14pm
It seems they are HTML, but nothing is imported into IScribe, not even just the text.