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10/01/2003 4:38pm
I apologise for flooding the forum with messages. I have been having trouble installing the spell checker into Scribe 1.85-test 13. I first downloaded the Aspell library (, and then the Scribe plug-in, v. 0.30. I shifted the plug-in file into the Scribe directory. When I tried to activate the plug-in, a message popped up saying that Aspell doesn't seem to be installed. How can I put the Scribe plug-in and Aspell in touch with each other?

I hope I'm not in over my head in computer technology.

The right-click feature on test 13 for allowing HTML pages to load on the default browser is absolutely wonderful. Many thanks for an ingenious solution!

I've been thinking about buying InScribe, but since I may soon reduce my e-mail addresses to one, I may not really need InScribe. You have performed an invaluable service in creating i.Scribe, and hope it isn't presumptious of me to ask whether you would accept a small donation, and if so, how I would send it to you.

10/01/2003 4:42pm
Forgetful as I am, I didn't mention above that after installing Aspell and the Scribe spell-check plug-in, I rebooted the computer, but the plug-in still claims that Aspell isn't installed.
10/01/2003 8:33pm
If 'aspell-15.dll' is not in the path then the plugin looks in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Aspell for the path key, and loads the dll from there.

So have a look in the registry and see what the path is there and check that the dll is at that location.
11/01/2003 3:49am
The registry location you point to shows, in a folder called Aspell-en, five strings: C:ProgrammeAspell; one each for Major, Minor and Micro Version, and one uninstall string.

If I understand you correctly, aspell-15.dll ought to be in the Aspell directory in C:Programme? It isn't.

Not knowing what else to do, I ran a computer search for aspell-15.dll and came up empty-handed.
14/01/2003 3:14am
Problem solved!