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Author/Date Linux alpha - promising, but ...
22/12/2002 7:52am
Issue 35 of "Linux Format" has just included Scribe on a cover CD - unfortunately, I don't think this is doing the program justice. From what I can see, I'd like to be able to use Scribe: but even after I'd managed to set up a default folder (the file selector wouldn't show me /home/ to put the folder where I really wanted) I couldn't do anything halfway useful :-{

Not being able to tab around a dialogue box is frustrating, the way "add e-mail" in the New Contact dialogue opens a tiny box in the top-lefthand corner of the screen is frankly bizarre, and an app that can't read a non-QWERTY keyboard _or_ a numeric keypad ...

Keep up the good work, though, Matthew; I'll drop in on the site from time to time, and look forward to trying a more usable version.
22/12/2002 5:50pm
I know it's really not ready for general use, I just released it to get some feedback from testers. Thats why it's called an 'alpha'.

The next version should be a lot more usable.

The little window in the top of the screen is supposed to be a popup edit box to enter the address, obviously the code from win32 doesn't quite work yet, but it shouldn't be too difficult to get right.

The unicode font support is already fixing, through support of Xft and I'll be adding d'n'd for the next release as well.