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Author/Date Opening attachments
20/12/2002 2:30am
When people send images with their emails, they sometimes arrive as seperate links ("weekendpicnic.jpg") which, in Scribe 1.63, are shown under the "attachments" tab, and can be opened from there. However, sometimes jpg.-images arrive in the body of the e-mail itself. When that happens, there are no links to click on under the "attachments" tab, and needless to say, the image simply appears on the message area as undecipherable code. Is it possible to use Scribe to show such images? Currently, I have to re-send the e-mail to myself and open it with Outlook Express.
20/12/2002 5:08am
Can you send me an example?

22/12/2002 8:42am
I'm sorry to say that I can't, because I saved the photos on the computer and got rid of of the e-mail. If I ever get another such mail, I shall pass it on. Thanks for your prompt attention, and my best holiday wishes.