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13/12/2010 7:44pm
Last versions of InScribe use SQLite database for mailstorage.

I think you can make 'optimize mail-database' function. f.ex. -vacuum or some other way.
I know it is a big problem for SQLite database: 'Vacuum' - it isn't so good way.

How do you do it now in last version of InScribe?
14/12/2010 4:06am
I open mail2 and convert its to mail3
after this, I delete ALL mails and clear Trash and compress db.
Db's size = 90% from original (full=2100kB) size = 1900kB !!! for clear( empty database) !!!

I use mail2 database and have no any problem
14/12/2010 7:27am
Two things:
1) You can compact the mail3 with the vacuum command from inside the manage mail stores dialog, using the "Compact" button.
2) In normal use the sqlite database reuses free space within the file, so if you are constantly deleting and adding things what ends up happening is the mail3 file stays the same size. However a mail2 only ever appends to the end of the file, even if there is free space within the middle of the file. This causes it to grow larger until such a time as the user compacts the mail store. For most people that don't run tests ;) this means the mail3 is better. Because it stays smaller for longer. But there is still the capability to compact it if needed.
14/12/2010 7:15pm
I say:
I 'Compact' my database several times. Its size is 1900kB. All mail was deleted.
My it's a bug SQLite.
14/12/2010 7:41pm
Now I think It is bug of InScribe:

See image:
I convert mail2 to mail3. I delete all mails. I clear Trash.
I optimize database. I have 2MB for empty database.

I delete folders with mails.
I think InScribe can optimize only deleted mails in some folder. (not deleted folders with mails)
21/12/2010 2:05pm
That optimize button is not what I was talking about (it should be removed, it's no longer relevant). I mean rather from the Main Menu -> File -> Manage Mail Stores -> [select mail3] -> Compact Mail Store.
21/12/2010 6:50pm
> That optimize button is not what I was talking about

I know You think that all are morons

I try this way and I try that way I try any way

My ask is:

Why number of folder is 22 ??? (as original file has, but I delete all folders)

Try to think.

I know answer: InScribe deletes only mails
doesn't delete folder in folder of mails

Best regards...
21/12/2010 9:55pm
Ok I don't have time to research all the issues you raised in your post right now, but I'll look at it when I get a chance over the christmas new year break.
21/12/2010 11:05pm

Happy New Year !