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Author/Date 'no date' and contacts...
12/12/2002 1:26pm
hi Matthew,
I use iScribe 1.84 (but I've found the same problem even in 1.85) and I've too much mail in the 'Sent' folder with 'no date', mail sent with both older and newer versions of iScribe.
About contact (for 1.85 downloaded last week): if I try to add a new contact and I click to add, I write the address but when I press enter the address desappear like I never wrote it!
Any ideas ?
Many thanks in advance!
Best regards

13/12/2002 12:02am
I don't know about the dates. Both sent+received dates are fine on my install.

But I've fixed some(?) problems in the email address list in the upcomming version.