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Michael Crocker
07/12/2002 1:05pm
ver. 1.84 & 1.85 cause GPF at program startup that points to TRID_PCI.DRV

Don't get error using standard vga driver, but that of course is only for testing -- not practical. I normally use InScribe 1.67. I have downloaded some test releases since that version that did not have the above error but don't recall what latest test ver that worked was. I have not tried the debug version for this problem (and not sure if I will). Before I go to that trouble, I'm curious what has been added that is so important that makes video driver compatiblity even a concern. I don't need fancy, multimedia junk.

display adapter: Trident PCI 9440
OS: Win98se
08/12/2002 9:13pm
I don't have access to a trident card.

So I can't see any easy way of helping you. I could send over copious numbers of debug builds to isolate the particular call the crashes the driver but I don't have the time. I'm just one guy.