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Author/Date Reading HTML mail with Scribe 1.85
03/12/2002 3:30pm
I get daily e-mail from the NYTimes, and it arrives in HTML format. On Scribe 1.63, I click on the HTML tab, and from there I open the mail on the default browser (Opera). This is extremely useful, because I can then open links from "inside" Opera. The other day I downloaded Scribe 1.85, to try it out. When I tried to read the NYTimes e-mail on version 1.85, there was no HTML tab. The message tab was empty and so was the attachments tab. Can I read HTML mail like this with Scribe 1.85, and if so, how? It would be wonderful if it would open mail on the default browser the way version 1.63 does. If my question is silly, please forgive it; I'm no computer expert (as you can see from my previous post where I forgot to enter a subject, and couldn't figure out how to open it for editing!), I like Scribe a lot and would like to be able work it better than I do now.
03/12/2002 5:49pm
To start with make sure you select the default alternative for text/html messages as "HTML" in the appearence options.

And if your not using "v1.85 Test5" select the "HTML" control as well.

Then you should see a rendering of the HTML when you open the email.
04/12/2002 7:04am
Thank you. I sheepishly realised after posting that the information is in the help files.

However, I shall stay with Scribe 1.63. I shall try to explain why. In my e-mail traffic, the only e-mails where HTML format seems important are those which I receive in subscriptions,such as the NYTimes. Scribe 1.63 opens the "Times" mail on the default browser, in my case Opera. I then simply continue within Opera, clicking each article link into its "tabbed" window and then reading the lot one by one. Scribe 1.85 opens the "Times" mail within Scribe. When I click an article link, the link is opened in Opera, but then I have click back to Scribe to click the next article, which opens in Opera, then back to Scribe....It's rather inconvenient. Furthermore, in a quirk of tabbed browsing, this back-and-forth procedure ends up presenting the articles in the reverse order in which I clicked them.

Perhaps Scribe could offer the option of allowing HTML-formatted e-mail to be opened in the default browser. But if I'm the only person who suggests such a feature, it's probably not worth it. A lot of work has gone into developing a really good product, Scribe 1.85 included. I know a lot of Scribe users like its HTML capabilities. Perhaps as I come to understand computers better I will appreciate them too.

I believe Matthew Allen lives in Australia, I wonder if you saw the eclipse. I've never forgotten the one I saw in South America 30 years ago when I was still a kid.
06/12/2002 4:22am
Hello Eusebius,

I know what you are talking about. I miss the same thing. It was some of my first impressions as I used a newer version of scribe than 1.63.

Maybe it's a small, simply and insignificant thing, but for me (and for you) it's much more than that.


06/12/2002 11:48pm
I'm trying to think of a good way to put a "view html in external browser" button back on the UI... I'm not going back to having the HTML tab as separate.

So maybe a toolbar button?
07/12/2002 8:22am
If there were a place to click for reading an html-formatted mail on an external browser, I for one wouldn't particularly care where the button is. (Well, as long as I wouldn't have to wade through ten layers of menu to find it! But then this isn't Microsoft.) And hopefully it wouldn't get in the way of Scribe's progress.