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Author/Date Receive issues on multiple accounts in 1.8x
03/12/2002 12:54pm
Is anyone else having issues with receiving multiple accounts in InScribe 1.8x? Specifically, when I start the program, it tries to check all of my accounts (I've got five email addresses), and will hang on one/several of them about half the time. I've unchecked the "Download mail on startup" option, and this prevents it from happening (I have my recurring check times staggered from 3-7 minutes), but 1.67 was rock-solid in this respect.

Also, the Status pane seems to 'refresh' itself every few seconds (almost like it's repainting the bitmap). Is this normal?
03/12/2002 5:57pm
The status pane refreshing is just an implementation issue, I can change that to be a bit smarter in the future.

As for account hanging. Does this happen during normal use or just at startup?

Does the "close connection" button help "unhang" the account(s) in question?
03/12/2002 11:10pm
It's usually only on startup, and the close connection button has no effect on it.
03/12/2002 11:28pm
Ok then thats an issue with the semaphores/threading. I generally have never used more than 3 threads con-currently so if there are issues I've missed them.

I'll have a look at it sometime soon.