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Author/Date A request for future versions
25/11/2002 3:28am
Scribe is a terrific little program. I hope a future version will have the ability to check attachments for virii (in my case Norton AV) from within Scribe, rather than to have to send the attachment to a file and run an antivirus check from there.
25/11/2002 7:04am
I don't know how to interface to their program.

I've recently added a check to stop people executing any executable attachments... but thats a bit different I guess.
27/11/2002 3:19pm
Which version of NAV do you have? 2001 set up a special pop alias which would check it. You basically set up your pop server as (or something like that) and your pop username as I never tried it, but I upgraded to NAV 2002, and it does it transparently now with no modifications to default POP settings. Now, it an infected attachment arrives, Norton will intercept it with no intervention.
27/11/2002 6:14pm
I have Norton 2001, and yes, the pop server is set up as I may be mistaken (I'm not well-versed in computer matters) but I thought NAV had to be configured to "accept" specific e-mail clients. On my machine it currently accepts Outlook express, and I cannot figure out how to add Scribe. Or perhaps that is not necessary?
28/11/2002 10:40pm
There should be a section in the help file to set it up like I mentioned, and it'll work with Scribe. Or check out the Pegasus Mail section here for a similar procedure:
01/12/2002 9:03am
Maybe I can put in five cents as well. I do know that Norton AV 2000 changed the incoming port to For known clients (like Outlook, Eudora) this was changed automatically, for clients like Scribe you needed to do that yourself. Norton AV 2002 just recognizes every emailclient and automatically directs (although not visble, not that I can see) every incoming email to port, which Norton uses for scanning.
I cannot tell how Norton AV 2001 handles this matter.
01/12/2002 10:19pm
This is all very specific to the NAV program, so what I'll do is stick a link to the URL mention in the Scribe FAQ. As it is not relevent to the vast majority of Scribe users, and shouldn't clutter up the help which is by and large just about Scribe.

There is a link in the About box to the FAQ.