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Author/Date bug report v1.84
25/11/2002 2:00am
You might want to check this out, email isn't being sent to multiple recipients for some reason.. if i put in two recipients, the one who is in my address book gets the email, but the other doesn't, but if i only put in one, it works like a charm...

at other times, the first recipient that i put in gets the mail, and the second one doesn't.. i'll test some more and see what i can come up with :)
25/11/2002 2:11am
Works for me.

I just tested it with my home and work account... you sure it's not something else?

Look through the account log file (in the status window) after sending a multiple receipient email and check that the "RCPT TO" command(s) are correct... there should be one per recipient.

26/11/2002 1:37am
hmm nevermind, it seems to work, whats strange is that when i put in two specific email addresses (the address i'm using the account to send from, and my hotmail address), none of the clients can send the msg to both addresses.. very strange.

works perfectly otherwise so dont bother =)

I had another quick question.. I've been thinkin of purchasing inScribe (I need the filters!), but it says only valid til the next integer version.. and it seems that v.2 is fairly close considering we're already upto 1.85

so if i purchase it now at this stage, will the key only be valid upto 1.99? :-\
26/11/2002 1:47am
Yes, I'm going to 2.00 very soon... early next year in fact. So I'd wait till then.
26/11/2002 4:43am
I've been thinking about the whole problem of what to do when approaching a major release, as the value for money declines as you approach the big 2.0

Maybe it would be better to give out free upgrades for a year after purchase... but that sounds like a "rental" scheme.

It'd be nice to have a system where I can reward people for buying the product and still have a revenue stream to sustain the site and build the business. I want to invest in better debugging tools, buy more translations and keep the website going, all of which costs money.

I don't know... any suggestions?
26/11/2002 5:53am
Have you considered just having two prices - one for new users, and a discounted one for existing users? That keeps the bookkeeping pretty simple since it would not matter when somebody bought an upgrade, or what version you called it. They just decide if its worth the money, and you provide a straightforward incentive for repeat business.

This is the policy that Libranet (a linux distro) uses. I've bought a copy of v2.0 and v2.7 from them.
26/11/2002 6:25am
Thats what I have planned to do from the start, but I want to provide users with a range of versions.

They don't want to pay for every version increment! Even if it's a small amount.

Upgrade pricing will probably be no more than 50% of the new price... maybe less. I have to work out how much I lose per transaction.

The question is, how to arrange for a limited set of upgrade versions from the time of purchase.

26/11/2002 5:41pm
Hmm well if the upgrade price is less than 50% thats not a bad deal at all...