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25/11/2002 1:49am
What're the command line arguments for scribe? Also is it possible to open eml files with scribe? :- What I like doing is exporting emails from scribe as .eml so the folders file doesn't get too big... however to view those files it has to load outlook express which is a bummer.
25/11/2002 1:55am
In the help files on the install/config page all the command line options are listed.

Also to import a .EML file, drop it onto an existing folder. The reverse works as well, ie dropping an email from a folder onto the desktop converts it to a .EML file.

Btw you might be interested to know that you can export/import a whole folder at once using drag and drop. They are saved in MBOX format which many other programs can use, particularly unix based apps.
25/11/2002 2:01am
well i meant more in the sense that i could double click on an eml file to open it in scribe.. nevertheless i found another workaround, internet explorer can open eml files just fine so i can use it as an eml file viewer.

I didn't want to import them because i'm on a low resource system these days and i dont want a large folder file.
25/11/2002 2:08am
Well I can add a handler in the command line so that you can associate Scribe with EML files to "view" them.

That makes sense.

Although Scribe doesn't use the registry for anything so I don't really want to start changing things in the registry because then you start needing to have an "uninstall".
25/11/2002 2:27am
You could probably provide two .reg files.. install/uninstall.reg, and leave it upto the user to manage it. Or better yet, just provide the command line arguments, and leave it upto the user to decide how they want to utilize it.