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19/11/2002 11:12am
Does Inscribe have return Receipts of any kind?
I suddenly have a need for something useless like return receipts, and the only mention I have seen of it in the forum was left unanswered. I can't find them in i.Scribe does InScribe have them? Am I missing them?

Are they planned? Could it be done through a plugin?
What type of receipts would users find most useful?
25/11/2002 2:05am
Receipts are implemented as non-standard tags in the headers of messages.

Generally a request for a receipt has to be honoured by the destination client or server. And if they don't support recipting then it's pointless.

That said the vast majority of users use Outlook or Outlook Express, which would mean that there is a standard way of doing receipting between those applications and I could reverse engineer that and use that protocol.

So at the end of the day, I'm prepared to implement receipting, but I'm a little unsure about the exact way it should work considering that it's not standardized.

For me personally a received receipt is the most important, ie. that the destination client and/or server has received the email.

The other option would be for a "read" receipt that gets sent when the user actually reads the message.

I would only need the first one, it seems the mail servers around here are pretty bad at consistantly delivering mail. So I just want to know that the message got there, even if the person doesn't read it for another few hours or days.

Also I'm not sure what mechanism would be best for connecting the receipts (which are in all different formats again) and the original message. It'd be nice to see some graphical way of showing which outgoing emails requesting receipts have had replies.