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Author/Date Another possible glitch in 1.84
13/11/2002 12:28pm
When using XML templates for the Reply form, it doesn't seem to honor the placement. The cursor appears in the To: address field. Then when tabbing to the body text, it just appears at the beginning of the message body. Not something that someone who used the default settings would notice, but for those of us who use traditional style quoting (context then reply), it's a nit.
13/11/2002 5:51pm
Indeed, I'm still working out the bugs in the XML formatting. So I'll have a go at getting the cursor field to work as advertised.
13/11/2002 6:02pm
This is what I'm using...

---------- Original Mail --------------
From: <> (<>)
Subject: <mail.subject>
Date: <mail.DateSent>

<mail.body quote="> ">


And it seems to work fine... :( Which doesn't help you unfortunately.
15/11/2002 7:06am doesn't seem to add my sig either. I just noticed that and added to the end, and it still doesn't do it. Here's what I'm using:

() wrote:

15/11/2002 7:07am
oops...try again:
<> (<>) wrote:
<mail.body quote="> ">

<cursor> <mail.sig>
Michael Crocker
15/11/2002 6:28pm
I don't know if it's a typo or a glitch in the message posting, but if you mean to use HTML code for less-than, it appears you left out the semilcolon.
15/11/2002 6:46pm
I don't know either, because it appeared correctly the first time I viewed the post and then stopped working. Bizarre.

Anyway I corrected the post so that people can see the intended text.