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11/11/2002 9:40am
hi Matthew,
there're two problems in version 1.84 that I have found in previous versions and I think one of them is a 'little' dangerous.
So, the first problem is this: when you select File->New Folder and you select folders.mail2 as destination file there are no warning about overwriting the existing file and the fact that you'll loose all previuos messages!
Second problem (very light): when you reply to a message you quote the original message as is... no quotation marks, period like 'xyz wrote in date' and so on.
Of course, first problem is a little bit dangerous!
I hope you'll solve this.
Many thanks in advance!
Best regards

11/11/2002 9:52pm
I'll fix that first problem.

As for replying, you can change the options to reply with whatever you want.

Also there is an XML format for formatting your replies to whatever as well.
12/11/2002 2:01am
ok, thanks a lot!