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Author/Date v1.84 feature requests.
10/11/2002 11:37pm
1.84 has been the most stable version for quite a while for me, no crashes no nothing- works like a charm. Here are a few things I'd like to see, maybe in the next few versions if possible.

- Ability to reply by pressing Ctrl+R in the message window
- Ability to go to next/previous mail by pressing Alt left/right
- When I restore the window from the status bar, the message list should have focus, instead.. right now none of the 'frames' get focus.
- I dont know how hard this'll be, but it'll be a hell of a sweet feature: Send myself an email when any 'reminder' becomes due. This way even if i miss the reminder, I'll get an email waiting in my inbox about it.

Thankyou for a great program fret!
11/11/2002 12:01am
Nice suggestions.

- I've added: Ctrl-r -> reply, Ctrl-f -> forward
- Next/Prev hotkeys already implemented as Ctrl-n and Ctrl-p.
- Also added: made the list have focus on restore from trayicon.
- When you "miss" a reminder, because the program isn't running then it will pop up that reminder dialog as soon as you run Scribe. So I don't see how an email in the inbox is going to be any better than the reminder dialog, considering both need Scribe to be running.
11/11/2002 3:06am
Thanks for the quick reply.. seems as if all the things I thought were missing from scribe are there or will be soon enough!

Re: the reminder thing, I use a web/pop3 account, so lets say I check my email from my library, I can see the reminder from the web interface too, thats all. Its not an urgent feature or anything, but would be a nice addition.
11/11/2002 10:03pm
So Scribe is running somewhere at the time?

Because obviously if Scribe isn't running there is little I can do about :)

Sounds like an option.
12/11/2002 1:02am
Scribe is usually on 24/7 on my home pc.

Also what I like doing is, Setting up a reminder with to-do stuff in scribe, and i get an alert for it at 7 in the morning, it would be useful to get an email for it too, so that it can be accessed from anywhere.
13/11/2002 5:41am
Another thing I noticed, when I press Ctrl R/Reply to a message it puts the 'Replied' flag immediately. Would be better if it put the replied tag after the email has been sent or put in the outbox.
13/11/2002 5:49pm
Once the reply has been created from the original message there is no reference to the original email. Currently the architecture of Scribe can't maintain a reference between emails between sessions, or even during runtime.

So I can't go back when the reply is sent and find the email that was being replied to. Instead I make the original mail replied to straight away while I still know which one it is.

v2.x of Scribe will have unique ID's for each object so that I can reference things properly.