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31/10/2002 6:11am
Hi, since there is no iHex forum, I try here:
iHex is a great little programm to look at huge Files.
If such files are on CD, I wouldn't want to copy them to
the harddisk to be able to look at them.
So, wouldn't it be nice if iHex could be switched to
read-only mode? Now it complains that it could not open the
CD-file for reading and writing.
Thanks for listening.
31/10/2002 8:46am
I've fixed that for v1.41

Thanks for the feedback.

PS. I took the liberty of creating an i.Hex forum and moving this thread there :)
01/11/2002 5:21am
Wow! Talk about responsiveness from a developer! You break every record!
Thanks a lot.