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Author/Date End of Scribe for me
28/03/2007 7:55am
I have been using iScribe for many happy years.
Getting rid of outlook was one reason that I could tolerate bugs and missing features of this wonderful software.
However, in the last year or so the development of the software has slowed down, whereas demand for new features is growing.
As a big fan of this software, it is very sad for me to say that I had to return to outlook recently. This is partly due to lack of advanced features in the current version of Scribe and lack of ability to cope with a busy office activities.
Unfortunately, not having a clear plan by the developer has also determined me to stop waiting and hoping for a version 2.
All respect to the developer for such a good contribution to the IT users.
I still recommend iScribe for low volume and private emailing.
Best regards to all