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22/03/2007 10:41am
hi matthew,

hmm... I'm using "InScribe v1,89 test7" on windows xp - works good.

now I tried to use the "test13":
lucky number 13?
--> all my identities are gone
(ok, I've read in the forum: I have to re-enter. all my 7 accounts??? will this be fixed in newer versions???)

so I quit and installed "test12".
--> no sending. error message:
We're rejected by the server:
550 ... authentication ...
Server error message:
550 ... authentication ...

Don't know what to do... find some things in the forum -> still don't know what to do

so I quit and installed "test7" again.
--> works fine again. but I don't think, that's the way it is meant to be...

patrick - frustrated

22/03/2007 10:47am
Test12: Can you email me a more complete log of the failed connection?

Test13: Yes, looks like I'll be fixing the upgrade process so you don't have to re-enter the account's identities.