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22/03/2007 3:34am

Are your standard icons proprietary? I only ask because a lot of the icons in the screen shot of sylpheed email client look very familiar.
22/03/2007 4:31am
I went through my old email and found where I got the icons from. They are originally from Andreas Wasserman, he sent them to me as a skin for i.Scribe, and shortly after I asked him if I could make those the default icons that ship with the software, he agreed and that was the end of that. I assumed that he created them. This was in Jan 2002.
22/03/2007 10:57am
I talked to Andreas and he got the icons from Jakub Steiner who did the icons originally for Evolution. Which is all news to me. I don't even know where that leaves me in terms of rights to use them or not. So it seems that the Sylpheed folks probably didn't nab the icons from i.Scribe but instead got them from the source. No harm done.

That begs the question what should I do? Well I suspect that the next opportunity I get I'll hire someone to do a new set for me and that'll be the end of that.
22/03/2007 10:58am
Oh, okay.
I didn't know if someone was ripping you off or something --
22/03/2007 11:07am
Thanks though... it's been a good experience for me, just so that I'm more careful next time about the license for stuff I get given.
04/04/2007 12:10am

My suggestion, save your money and use Ken's own icons (I'm sure Ken would oblige) as the default Iconset for i.scribe.

I've been using them since I came across Ken's post in January and I think they are superior. Modern and very crisp.

Here's the link from Ken's website.

Best Regards - Darren
04/04/2007 3:21am
On the contrary, I find Ken's icons blurry and dated. But thats just me.

I'm considering using some of the Tango project's icons. They have nice crisp 1px borders and have vector versions as well.

Still I also can draw my own, something which I keep putting off because it'll take away time from working on code. But it's not like I can't draw.
04/04/2007 4:12am
These icons are in a style I like: stockholm, puft and satin... for example.
04/04/2007 12:51pm
I like the Tango project icons. Not as crazy about the others.

I'd have to disagree with you about Ken's icons though.,
I personally find them colorful and alot less "old school" than the default i.scribe toolbar now in place. But hey, great minds don't always think alike right ;)

At this point "ANY" icon update will be a pleasant change and I think it may even help attract new users to at least try the software.