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Paul S.
17/03/2007 7:10pm
When Inscribe 1.87 Final opened with no folders showing, but folders.mail2's properties indicated 29.1 MB as contents, I followed instructions and tried Folder Dump, but it can't find any folder. Nothing (multiple scanners) indicates I'm infected.
So I'm now using V.1.88 Final. If Matthew or anyone has thoughts on how I can extract e-mails from the older folders.mail2 I'd greatly appreciate the input.

Also, any input on my other post ("Links Color") about getting code in V. 1.87's lgi.conf to stick in V.1.88 would be appreciated as well. If it just won't work in the later final version I'll stop fussing with it. If it requires syntax editing or I'm overlooking something obvious I'd welcome the input. I was trained to teach English;I don't write code. I hate that damn bright blue color for number of messages and hyperlinks; it doesn't go with anything else.