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Paul S.
09/03/2007 7:48am
InScribe Windows V. 1.88 Final

How can I change the hyperlinks and "(number of messages)" color from that bright blue to another color? My lgi.conf from V. 1.87 isn't doing it, even after changing the "." to a "-". Other changes from V. 1.87's lgi.conf aren't sticking in V. 1.88 either.


Paul S.
Paul S.
11/03/2007 3:32am

Will any of these lgi.conf entries that worked in InScribe V. 187 Final work in 1.88 Final if reworded maybe?

<scribe on-close="Compact">
<colour-LC_UNREAD_COUNT hex="660000">
<colour-LC_URL hex="006699">
<colour-LC_REPLY_LVL_1 hex="663333">
<colour-LC_REPLY_LVL_2 hex="663333">
<colour-LC_REPLY_LVL_3 hex="663333">

Thanks for your time.