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Author/Date error lines in scribe.txt file
06/10/2006 9:24pm
Fret - I am using i.scribe 1.89 test6.

This version seems to generate a file named scribe.txt which (in my case) contains hundreds of lines with the following:
C:\Code\Scribe\Code\ScribeApp.cpp:8027 - No option 'Folder-7'

What does this mean ? ..and how do I stop it ? (by the time I noticed it, the scribe.txt file was over 11Mb in size)

06/10/2006 9:40pm
Firstly you can delete scribe.txt at any time. Secondly that option relates to the FOLDER_CALENDAR setting which doesn't seem to have any UI to let you fix it.

I'll see if I can sort it out for the next release.
07/10/2006 9:52am
so - does this mean I have some problem with something in my calendar which it cannot handle properly? ..and maybe I can stop records being written if I fix the data problem.