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05/10/2006 2:00pm

I just send some mails to some people, but I see that my system, for unknow reason, is set to 3/1/2000.

All mails have been sent, so they can't be corrected, and this is not really a disaster, but all sent mails are stocked in the Sent folder, with this date.

For classification, I can't accept that and I want correct the date.

Is there a way to correct them ?
06/10/2006 9:37pm
The only way would be to export them to text, edit the date in a text editor and then reimport them.
13/10/2006 12:50pm
Ok, thanks for your information.

In fact I didn't wait, I re-sent the mails of this day for security since I saw that mails with an old date can be hidden by recent mails.

So the problem had been corrected at the same time :)