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Author/Date ridiculous -spam training / filtering doesn't work
01/10/2006 7:41am
I am getting blatant spam which my ISP is tagging as SPAM but when it is downloaded into Inscribe it does not recognise it as spam. If I do filter analyze mail it gives it a spam score of 0.00 and individual scores of 0.01

what's going on?
02/10/2006 11:41pm
If your isp is running spam filtering for you but still delivering spam, then you can write a custom filter to handle the email tagged as spam by the isp.

For instance if they put something in the subject like [SPAM] or maybe a custom header in the email then you can use that to filter the spam. You can read up on the process of creating user filters in the help but this is a general overview:
- Filters -> New Filter
- Give it a name
- Click the conditions tab
- Create a new condition with:
"mail.Subject" contains "[SPAM]"
"mail.InternetHeader[X-Spam]" contains "Yes"
- Click the actions tab and add an action to delete the spam or move it to another folder etc.

That should get you on the right track. I would turn off the inbuilt bayesian filter if the ISP's filter is working for you.