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Author/Date Usin X.509 certificates in Scribe ?
Petr Pastor
09/09/2006 4:25pm

I've just read an information about GNU PG it seems to be quite standalone encryption system and seems to not having possibility to use X.509 certificates issued by certification authorities. Correct me anyone if I am wrong.

I wold like to ask if there going to be some plugin for the Scribe enabling digital signing emails using PKI infrastructure with X.509 certificates issued by cert. authorities. I consider it maybye more valuable than continuing with gpg.

09/09/2006 9:29pm
I've had this request before. At the moment I'm really not sure how to do this, I mean I don't know what library to use or how I would create code to acheive what you want. I'm an application coder with little knowledge in the security fields.

I suspect that openssl might be able to do it. But last time I tried to look at calling openssl it was way over my head.
Petr Pastor
10/09/2006 12:03pm

I'm searching now for suitable interface for X.509/PKI infrastructure so far I have found one interersting page
with Crypto++ library which may help to you as a programmer with this problematic.

Wish the best